The LinkedIn Top 1% Mastery & Influencer Workshop with Jeff Brown

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Become the Go-To Headshot & Branding Photographer, Book More Clients, Grow Your Network and Dominate YOUR Niche.

Jeff Brown - The Photographers' Mentor

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest and fastest growing professional social media platform, with over ONE BILLION users. 

41% of millionaires use LinkedIn, the average wage earner takes home over $80k and over 80% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn to make buying decisions. HOWEVER only 1% of users create regular content, photographers rarely use it and many of those who do aren’t using it correctly. 

Forget struggling for reach on Instagram, forget paying for Facebook Ads, your clients are on LinkedIn every day and the competition is low!!

All you need to do is have an optimised profile, a strategy and a powerful content plan, then you’ll see the LinkedIn magic start to work.

✓ Do you want to grow a powerful, premium online photography brand?
✓ Do you want to book more clients organically without paid ads?
✓ Do you want to master your online marketing and become more productive?
✓ Do you want to be the leader in your niche in the top 1% on LinkedIn? 
The LinkedIn Top 1% Workshop is MORE than just a social media success workshop, it’s an in-person and very hands on full day of business building and growth strategies. 

FACT: People DON’T buy on price alone!! They buy on perceived value. When you understand how to create a high perceived value then you can easily charge a premium price. 

Before optimising your profile we’ll deep dive into your photography brand itself. You’ll discover how to craft an online message that positions you at the premium end of the market, how to connect with your ideal clients by speaking their language and creating a real desire for your services. No need to hire an expensive copywriter, we’ll show you how to create copy that sells the benefits of what you do, overcomes your clients fears and drives them to take action. 

Success only happens when you have a plan and a clear road map to success. 

This is NOT a workshop where you’ll go home and forget what you’ve learnt or not but it into practise. You’ll leave this workshop with a fully optimised LinkedIn Profile plan, a solid content posting schedule and a set of simple daily tasks that you’ll implement each morning.

Consistency is key to success, where you are now in your business is a result of what you’ve been doing over the past 3 months. We are going to change your direction and your future with a proven strategy that produces results. 

You’ll learn:

  • How to create a premium high-end brand that attracts the right clients
  • Understand the power of perceived value so you can increase your prices
  • Set your photography goals for success and have a clear direction
  • Create a simple set of daily tasks that you can implement each morning
  • Build a fully optimised LinkedIn profile that attracts your ideal client
  • Create engaging content that positions you as the Go-To Photographer
  • Get enquiries to your LinkedIn inbox without spending a penny on ads
  • Learn how to harness the amazing power of opportunity on LinkedIn
  • Become the top 1% on the platform, be seen as an authority by major brands
  • Have a content plan that makes it easy to be consistent and be visible
  • Create joint ventures and referrals with premium partners
  • Use LinkedIn articles to increase your Google search results and website visits
  • And lots, lots MORE….

This workshop is limited to just 25 Photographers, first come first served, we can’t accommodate everyone. 

It’s a FULL DAY packed with so much VALUE!! 

Starting at 10am right through to 6pm. 

Every attendee will also receive a little welcome pack on arrival, plus we’ll be heading out for a meal and drinks after the workshop if you’d like to join us.

About Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown is a best selling author of several business focused photography books. He offers one-2-one photography business mentoring, accountability & support to help photographers worldwide, build profitable, premium photography businesses.

You can learn more about Jeff on his website and LinkedIn profile





Jun 28th 2024, 10:00am - 6:00pm

Peter Hurley Studios NY
134 W. 26th Street
Suite 1203
New York, NY
United States