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About Dominic Moschetti 

Who I Am

I was born in Newark, New Jersey in a multicultural home, growing by way of Philadelphia, then Colorado and presently in southern California. My educational concentration has always been in the arts of photography, painting, drawing and design. In 1987, I was a finalist for Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Arts for Photography, hosted at Bucknell University. It was at this time I new photography would be a part of life.

From 1989-1994 I worked as traveling portrait photographer for 3 major corporations, making nearly 800 portrait a day on film for over 5 years. It was during this time I improved my eye for composition with speed while also capturing the essence of the subject.

In 1995, I found myself in Europe to study the art on the walls of the Louvre, Musée d' Orsay and The Prado Museum. Then to Columbia, South America, it was along these travels my sense of style, design, color, composition, humanity and self were further developed. I've been constantly striving to improve myself and my design and photography skills. It is my driving passion. Everything in my life is affected by it, life decisions are based upon it. Understanding how great design and photography works - and showing others the importance of well thought out, beautiful design is what keeps the fire burning.

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