About David Longobardo 

While pursuing acting, I inevitably encountered the need for professional headshots. Feeling as though the process should be fun (my initial experience was.....not), I began reviewing other actor and model headshots looking for inspiration, thinking it must have been my inadequacies that prevented an enjoyable experience. Very quickly, and without a clue why, I was drawn to photos taken by Peter Hurley. That proved to be the inspiration to begin my own journey into the world of photography. Becoming an Associate photographer in his Headshot Crew seemed like the obvious next step.

Since then, I've developed an understanding and appreciation for the honest expression. Being a photographer is more than pressing a button. Of course, I am sure to light you properly, compose your face in the frame, and there IS a fair amount of button pressing. But the most important thing for me is connecting with you, giving you guidance and direction, and helping you to forget that the camera is there. My goal is for you to be surprised at how much fun you had as you walk away. A close second is to provide some amazing images!

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