David popped out of the woodwork and onto the headshot scene with a no holds barred attitude in perfecting his work. His attention to detail and his ability to fine tune his beautiful imagery immediately caught my eye. Finally getting to meet and work together in London was an absolute pleasure. I love seeing the fervor he has for his craft and his giving nature toward helping other headshot photographers hone their own work has been exemplary. So proud to have him as part of this elite crew!
- Peter Hurley
About David MacKay 

I specialize in portrait photography and particularly in headshot photography for the performing arts community.

Photography has been a lifelong passion but, until recently, a secondary career. I started in the darkroom longer ago that I'd prefer to remember! So although setting up my own photography business is more recent, I have many years of experience to call upon to ensure that I capture the true essence of my clients' personality but in a way that is both fun and appropriate for their requirements.

I shoot street photography and live action sports when time allows.