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About Aaron Jean 

Hi! I’m an American portrait and headshot photographer currently living in Madrid, Spain with my family.

While portraits and headshots are my primary business, I enjoy the challenge of photographing all types of events or projects - like lifestyle and branding shoots. When I’m not in my home studio, I'm probably shooting street photography or traveling. (Street and Travel Work at @aaron.jean)

My favorite part about photography is working with people, especially when they tell me that they “don’t look good in photographs.” That’s my favorite challenge, showing others how I see them. Everyone has something beautiful to offer and is beautiful in their own way. So many times our perceived flaws are what makes us unique and tells our story. My job would be boring as hell if we all looked “perfect!” With the right lighting and coaching, people are surprised by the way they look. I love seeing my clients switch from skeptical to excited about their photo shoot!