About Will Taylor 

This world has a story. You have a story. Sometimes words cannot express in detail what we feel. I believe a picture is worth a thousand words. My job, simply is to tell your story and I do it through the creativity of photography. With me you can be as personal as you want. And what will you walk away with? Knowing that someone has seen you and knows you.

I am Will Taylor. I grew up in this nations capital (Washington, D.C.). I went to school in some of the toughest neighborhoods and I refused to be a statistic. I value hard work at what ever it is that I do. I first picked up a camera in high-school as part of the Year Book Committee. I remember the anticipation as I worked in the school photo lab dark room. That was the (not so good) 'ole times. Lab chemicals and camera film had to be carefully handled. The days are certainly much easier today with digital. I capture events, weddings, families and more. I can also bring the studio to you.

My passion is not just photography, but making sure my clients remember what matters most to them through photography. My photos can be found at my website, social media and in the great halls of my church (First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Upper Marlboro, MD).