Emily Voss - Wausau, WI Headshot Photographer | Headshot Crew
About Emily Voss 

Hi there! My name is Emily Voss and I am a portrait photographer based in Wausau, Wisconsin. I have owned and operated my own studio in the historic downtown area for 4.5 years but have been shooting portraits for 9 years.

I began my journey as a painter. I have always been obsessed with the human face and the eyes in particular and focused on drawing and painting portraits from a young age. A wrist injury to my dominate hand forced me to switch my creative focus to photography in high school. I immediately jumped into what I knew and that was portraits. I photographed my twin sister and our friends non-stop and slowly began booking clients at the age of 18. Every summer during college I would hit it hard and invest the money that I made into new equipment. I taught myself how to see light not only when I was behind the camera but throughout my daily life. After I learned to see light I began my mission of learning to control and manipulate light to best flatter my subjects.

I never had access to a photography course in college but during my senior year I spent the fall semester interning under celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz. It was an intense and exhausting semester but it was during that time that I knew I needed to pursue my photography full time after graduation. 13 days after graduating from college I opened my VOSStudios for business and the rest is history! 9 years later and my love of light and the human face is still going strong!

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