It's quite the sight to see someone caught in the grasp of Alaina's viewfinder. The atmosphere she is able to create for her clientele is truly like no other. Her infectious smile establishes an instant rapport with her subjects putting them at ease allowing her to bring out the very best in them. Loving her handiwork, she's become a go-to shooter for me and I love putting clients that come through my New York studio in her capable hands. Her Upstate Headshots brand is firing on all cylinders and I am proud to feature her in my very first Headshot Crew Studio Series. Last but not least, she became a Headshot Crew Associate early on and fueled by her desire to help fellow photographers moved swiftly on to becoming a Mentor. She then unselfishly took on a bigger role of producing and directing the world's largest headshot photography conference, HeadshotMania. I'm proud to have her as my right-hand woman running the daily operations of the Headshot Crew and don't know where we would be without her. Thanks Alaina for all you do for this crew!
- Peter Hurley
About Alaina Lutkitz 

I’ve got a funny little habit of surprising people; a mile-high personality packed in a five-foot-nothin’ frame. The opposite of intimidating - and anything but apathetic.

See, life’s too short not to do what you love. I learned early on that I was too curious and creative for a cubicle – so I left to pursue my
passions. Because what I really love is connecting.

Connecting with people, and connecting those people to their best and truest selves through the lens of my camera.

I love watching my clients transform from “nervous” to “knockout” as they finally see themselves in a way they’d never thought possible.

And as it turns out, confidence is contagious.

So go ahead, call me an idealist - but I believe everyone can look amazing on camera.

And you? Well, you’re no exception – and I can’t wait to prove it.