The TNT Method

A Blueprint for Increasing Headshot Photography Sales

10 Episodes · 2 hours 19 min
  • Increase Your Per Shoot Average Income
  • Maximize Profits From Every Single Client
  • For Photographers Of All Levels
  • Access to Tony's private TNT facebook group

The TNT Method is finally here!  For too long, headshot photographers haven’t made enough money.  The TNT Method is proven to help you to fix that.  Join photographers of all levels, from all over the world who have changed their businesses and their lives, by implementing the TNT Method.   Months in the making, now yours to enjoy and devour, it’s time make your business grow, thrive, and maximize profits from every client that walks in your door.  

10 Episodes 
1 - Welcome Video


Peter Hurley Introduces the TNT Method and  how this simple approach changed the game for him.

2 min 56 sec
2 - Intro to Tony

Intro to Tony

Meet Tony Taafe, the creator of the TNT Method. Listen to his experiences, where the method came from, and why.

7 min 2 sec
3 - Obstacles to Buy

Obstacles to Buy

We as photographers are making it difficult for our clients to spend more money with us.  We are putting obstacles in their way and we don't even know it, and it's costing us.  Learn what these obstacles are, and how to remove them. Removing these obstacles will be huge for your business.

7 min 48 sec
4 - Types of Buyers

Type of Buyers

Did you know that each of your clients have different buying habits? In order to give each client the best possible experience, and give them the opportunity to spend more money with you, it's important to know your clients buying habits, and communicate with them based on that.  Learn how to spot different types of buyers, how to give them a great experience, and the opportunity to spend more, in this section.

6 min 21 sec
5 - Organizing your Sessions

Organizing your Sessions

TNT is not about being "salesy" It's about structuring your sessions to give people the opportunity to spend more money with you.  It's a proven method, it simply works. There's a way to organize your sessions in order to implement The TNT Method, big and small things that will make all the difference. 

8 min 24 sec
6 - The Process

The Process

Tony talks you through his process.  This process has made photographers all over the world increase their profits. 

20 min 18 sec
7 - Common Questions

Common Questions

Tony answers commonly asked questions regarding TNT.  Don't forget you'll get to ask your own in the TNT Members Only Facebook Group.

16 min 8 sec
8 - Culling with a Client

Culling with a Client

A live image cull from Tony's studio, with commentary from Tony. This is packed full of golden information.  Take notes, watch it more than once.

33 min 40 sec
9 - Mock Shoot

Mock Shoot

Tony Taafe and Peter Hurley bring you inside Tony's studio in LA to take you through what a typical shoot would look like using the TNT Method. 

20 min 33 sec
10 - Culling with Peter

Culling with Peter

Tony and Peter cull images from their mock shoot, and go into detail to talk about how it went. Have a pen and paper ready to take notes.

16 min 44 sec