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Hi, my name is Chong Wei (most people call me Chong).

On the conventional side of life, I'm a Mechanical Engineer, studied and interned in the UK, and continued my engineering career for a bit in Singapore. But photography has always just stuck with me since young, and have been dabbling with it on and off with Street Photography.

In my Headshot Photography journey, I started off with the usual portrait photos for family and friends, until just recently when I stumbled onto the signature Peter Hurley's Headshot look on Youtube. Everything then just fell into place and I just had to learn how to do it as well everyone on The Crew. And honestly, while the interaction was daunting so far, it was at the same time amazingly fulfilling.

So here I am, an aspiring professional headshot photographer based in Singapore, and I'd love to capture beautiful headshots of people. And if I'm able to do this full time, I think that would be an exciting step in a different direction in life.