About Ryan Parker 

Be it an Acting Headshot or a Business Headshot, I understand the importance of having a great headshot and the difference between a headshot, a portrait and a beauty shot.

I'm also an accomplished actor for film, theatre and television, so I know a thing or two about performance, expression and how to get that out of YOU, regardless of your background.

For performers, being one myself, I know what you need and I know how to get you there. I think a lot of actors view headshots like a visit to the dentist... expensive and painful. Let's stop that trend right now. At the end of my session not only will you leave with no cavities, you'll leave with some stellar knowledge you can bring into every photo that's ever taken of you.... and every close up you do in the film world.

Being a business owner myself, I also understand the importance of the business headshot. In many situations this is the first image your clients see and the last impression they are left with. It's important to have an image that looks like you, in your best light and even more than that, as your headshot photographer I will help bring out the confidence and approachability you want in your headshot.

But the headshot isn't just for Business or Acting, more than ever, there is a demand to have a professional image that isn't a portrait or a glam beauty shot. Be it for Dating Site Profiles, Facebook Profile, Linkedin Profile, Twitter Profile or anything, I'm the person who will make your profile picture stand out against the rest.

I promise that we will collaborate together to create engaging expressive headshots full of confidence and approachability.