About Richard Waine 

I am a professional headshot photographer based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

I was born and raised in Queens, New York, at a time when shag carpeting was still in style.

I am a graduate of Hofstra University, and have spent the better part of my career in the field of finance. Working long, stressful days on Wall street, I decided to take a different direction.

I didn't dive into headshot photography until seeing a youtube video of Peter Hurley. In awe of his energy, knowledge and personality, I made the commitment to pursue headshots as my specialty. After meeting Peter and spending time with him at an industry conference, I was confident that this was my calling. Peter wasn't so sure. I am proud to be a mentor in The Headshot Crew. I am prouder still to call Peter a friend and my mentor.

As a headshot photographer, my goal is to help you take control of your digital identity. Whether you are striving to reach the next milestone in your profession, vying for the lead role in a production, building your client base, or searching for your love interest, your headshot is an essential tool in communicating your identity and personality.