About Richard Waine 

A first impression is built within the first 7 seconds of being seen. In this age of technology and digital profiles, business relationships are established with people we haven't met in person. You don't have the luxury of missing an opportunity to make a good impression. An amazing professional headshot will ensure that your customers receive your virtual handshake warmly.

Aligning your personal brand with that of your company has never been more important.

My name is Richard Waine and I am a professional headshot photographer based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Your company spends an enormous amount of money on branding, marketing and communicating company values to current and potential clients in order to save time and generate revenue. Yet, your employees represent themselves online with either subpar headshot images or, the infamous silhouette.

Take a moment to review the online profiles of your team. Do their profile images represent your company well? Are they consistent and high quality? Do they resonate with your desired audience?

How many of your colleagues look wide-eyed and fearful or confident and approachable? Are the images outdated and stale?

What is the likelihood that a potential customer will hire your firm when they see these pictures?

My expertise is in creating high-quality professional headshots, with a consistent and powerful aesthetic, both in the studio and on location, which helps you generate revenue.

I have spent the last decade refining my process of coaching and directing each person into body positions and expressions that are confident, approachable and impactful.

While I am known for my aesthetic, my knowledge and techniques in making people look their absolute best have solidified my reputation as one of the industry's top headshot photographers.

Demonstrate the unity, strength, consistency, and quality of your team.

As a headshot photographer, my goal is to help you take control of your digital identity. Whether you are striving to reach the next milestone in your profession with high quality business headshots, vying for the lead role in a production with incredible acting headshots, building your client base, or searching for your love interest, your headshot is an essential tool in communicating your identity and personality. I also offer on location office headshots, where I bring the studio to you!

I am proud to be a mentor in The Headshot Crew. I am prouder still to call Peter a friend and my mentor.