ROI for $25/month

I was one of them. I'll admit it. When @Garrett Buckley approached me and said I needed to join the crew I was like "OK, but how much will it really be worth for $25/month?" This was in November 2019. Sometime around March @Peter Hurley challenged everyone to make a goal for the year. I figured with a pandemic, having never done much in marketing and not very sure what I was doing but seeing some rewards from what I was learning on the crew I set a goal for 2020 at $10k. When I finished the year out at $15k I was ecstatic! Fast forward to now. I just ran my report to pay my sales tax for November. Yes, I have graduated from quarterly to monthly due to my earnings. So for the month of November I grossed $18,686. RETURN ON INVESTMENT IN THE HEADSHOT CREW: A LITTLE UNDER 1000% I have worked for a major corporation for 26 years, have gobs of benefits and a great retirement plan. This absolutely blows away my full time career! Keep in mind, I am only part time. I shoot 3 sessions a week T-TH. I take on the occasional on site gig as I can fit it in, only if they can accommodate an evening time slot as I don't want to burn all my vacation time.
This month was way above average, but not above repeatable. I'm still a long way from leaving my day job and relying on this full time, but month's like this give me encouragement.

So I'm not trying to brag. But I hope all the new people (newer than me, anyway) read this and realize if you apply the time, take the criticism for what it is, and work every day to improve, this shit is real! Go grab yours!!


Outstanding Brian...well done...

my husband always says it is the best $25/month we could ever spend

Congratulation, awesome !!

An excellent way to look at it. Money well spent indeed!

Excelent. For my part, I still have a lot to learn.

Yeah but in this school the learning curve is STEEP!

The movement is all about improvement!


I’m at like 65000%.

This is awesome !!!! Congrats in this success !

Now there’s a #SHABANG!💥 I have no clue unless you guys tell me so I’m so glad to hear it Brian! I raised it to $50 a while back to take down that ROI a few percentage points. For those of you that get it, you really get it. I appreciate you putting the work in and thank you for sharing so others can be inspired. Fan-friggin-tastic!

Still a great deal! Your increase per month is less than my recent increase per image (thanks for the nudge Jon Medows) so I think I have it covered:)! And I am updating my port. Associate is a goal for 2023 but im just too busy to keep it current LOL. Just got it current yesterday so hoping some tuesday I can get some free time for a review!!

Thanks Brian, that is really encouraging. Would you share what kind of marketing do you do?

You bet. I am 99% Linkedin organic with some SEO. Linkedin is a gold mine. I will occasionally run an ad on Linkedin but consistent posting and interaction with your network does really well. It may not seem like people are interacting but this year I've had dozens of booking where I thought they ghosted me after connecting only to book out of the blue months or years after the connection. Check out Trevor Walker on Facebook. He has some great content and tips.

Thanks a lot. I was thinking about LinkedIn but was not sure. It is really helpful that you are confirming.

All headshot photographers who want business professionals as clients should be active on LinkedIn.

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