Sharing a win -- thanks to the Crew!

Hey, everyone!

Just wanted to share a win.

My husband just finished doing my books for the quarter, and, so far in 2021, for the first half of the year, I've done better than I've ever done before -- in a full year. That's right -- my first half of 2021 is better than any previous full year's income. Woo hoo!!

It's all because of what I've learned here at the Crew. What I've learned about both improving the quality of my work, and what I've learned about business -- how to grow my business, use social media more effectively, and how to adjust my pricing.

The Headshot Crew -- all of you, and Peter himself -- the Crew is my best business partner. Well, maybe right after my husband. He hauls my gear to onsite shoots, and does my books. But, psst -- [don't tell him!] -- The Crew actually helps me more!


Now, on to the second half of the year, and breaking more income records! I've got some BHAGs!


Thank you, Jon! You're a huge inspiration!

Congrats! Well deserved!!

Thanks, Vail! Your boxing series is amazing, by the way!!

Thanks, Robin! Can't wait for you to make a similar post!

Congratulations, Beth! You deserve the success. I know how hard you work!

Thanks so much, Judy! You're such an amazing force on the Crew. So glad we were able to meet at Mania 2....

Awesome job, Beth! Well deserved!

Well deserved. The Crew helps, for sure. But you put in the work to make it happen.

Ivan, thanks. Just seeing the kind of quality of work that's possible -- like seeing your work -- is inspiring, and drives me forward. I'm not gonna forget about that dinner I promised you at the Pig and Butcher in London!!

Thank you, guys!! I want to hear all of your wins next!

That’s pretty AWESOME Beth!

Thanks, James!!!!! We've got to get together. I'm in the city all the time, so I'd love to set something up.

Right on Beth!! I have been shooting in one form or another for fun and to cover expenses since 2011. 2021 has surpassed the sum of my photography income from the previous 9 years!! I never buckled down and focused on goals and improving until Garret Buckley (see what I did there with buckle down) reached out to me and invited me to join the crew! This shit works!!

Wow! That's amazing, Brian!! You've given me a new goal!! Yep, this shit really works!

HELL YEAH BRIAN! LFG. Happy you got in here to and started kicking some butt

I'm so happy for you, Beth. And it motivates.

Thanks, Christian! I want to hear your wins next!! :D

Proof is in the pudding PEOPLE!

Thanks Beth for sharing and I’m thrilled that you are rockin it! I’ve always said I want everyone to make more money each year than they have previously with their headshot photography and there are a ridiculous number of you guys doing just that.

Means the world to me because it means what I built and the concepts I’ve drilled into you guys are working and we have the proof. There’s juice behind every tidbit of information you pick up and it’s the relationships you form here that grows the belief that you can do it. #crewpower is real.

I still remember Beth walking into that first intensive a little green but with a ton of ? . How cool to see the progress you’ve made from that moment, to associate, and to now. #SHABANG! ?

Thanks so much, Peter!! Yes, I remember that first Intensive -- I'll never forget it! The experience was game-changing. Seeing you in action and having your immediate feedback was priceless.

I look back, and then look at where I am now, and I can see how far I've come. I'm establishing myself as the best headshot photographer in my market (along with a few other Crew members near me!). My clients tell me that the experience of working with me, and the quality of my work, is like no other headshot they've ever had. And it's all because of what I've learned here.

I say it here, I say it on Clubhouse, and I say it out in the world: The Headshot Crew is the best investment I've ever made in my business, and the community of the Crew is without equal.

Love this Beth!!!! Keep breaking records because you deserve all of it!

Thanks so much, Danh! And congrats on making Mentor!!

Thanks, Rich! I remember back when you made Associate. Watching you soar has been inspiring to me.

That's amazing Beth! Congrats!!

Thanks so much, Sharon! And thank you for all that you do. The Women in the Crew CrewCasts and group are a great addition to the HSC. We really appreciate it!

Excellent, Beth Congratulations, way to go!!!

This is such good news.

Thanks, Scott!

I had a bunch of weeks when I was really busy, then it got slow. I had a bunch of hot leads go crickets on me. So, it was great to get this overview of how the year has been so far.

Now, this week, I've got corporate clients that I've done on-site Headshot Days for reach out to send five new hires to my studio; I've got my daughter's old school ask about doing 40 outdoor headshots in September; and a repeat client came back one year later for outdoor headshots, then, even though she loved them, she says she'll be back soon because she wants to straighten her hair. Works for me!

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