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About Muhammad Noor 

About Muhammad Noor 

Hi! I am Muhammad Noor. Headshot is my passion. Every single face is a precious treasure. Let me unleash that treasure of yours. I trust that inner passion is the key driving force behind all successes - of course with lots of hard work and patience. Every single headshot session is a new experience to me and my client. Together, a headshot session is a fun and high value experience. Come, join me for this treasure hunt!

A bit of my long journey. When I was 4 yrs old, (about 23 yrs back!), I suffered a traumatic experience that is key that takes me here today. A narrative of my dad-I can’t really remember myself! I suffered a severe haemorrhage but thanks to Allah, I survived. I was on wheel chair, but after long (years!) various therapy sessions, I regain and now back on my feet.

Completed my high school but I know that conventional college is not for me. My interests in ‘gadgets’ spotted when I was very young. These are my ‘close friends’ that seems to understand me better. Proud of developing my first web at age of 8!

Had my first DSLR mid 2011, a gift from my dad when we were in Boston. My dad went to Harvard n me checking in few short courses polishing my photo and video skills. I secured a certificate from Emerson College. I also sat for the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) test-after 3 attempts I made it! All home-based. It works-self disciplined. I also attended few other short photography courses then.

At first, photography was ‘just a hobby’ but then I realize that it is much of the time in me! I enjoyed every ‘part time’ session that I had. No doubt there’s a lot more to be learned. The photo world is huge! I have to say that I am
very fortunate to have my dad that always there to motivate and support me. He supports my passion and giving great courage-there’s room for every one. Keep polishing! I went for a course at London School of Photography and also in Malaysia and Singapore-indoors, outdoors and various other specialised training. I’d sign up for few online course. YouTube-great source of learning!

Peter Hurley wins me into Headshots! May 2017, I head on to Sydney for Peter Hurley’s headshot class. I signed up for both, the intensive..... and ...... Wow! Peter pumped me up. Headshots are challenging, fun n demanding. A great lesson from a great Headshot Guru. Truly world class. Sure I want to learn more.

Headshots is my world. I am now deep dive into this. Set up my own studio in Bangi, suburb Kuala Lumpur surrounded by higher educational institutions, research and training centers, a.k.a. Malaysia’s Boston! Lots of new start ups in the vicinity. Gradually build up this venture of mine. A hobby that turns into serious career.

Well, that’s me. I like to invite you to have a headshot session with me. Let me unleash that treasure of yours. A great headshot, depicting that great confidence of yours and will be a great addition to your treasure of life. Beyond career, a great headshot will be nice gift to lovely people that are near to your heart. Come, and have the best headshot session with me!