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About Veronica Esqueda 

I have always been a late bloomer so to speak, yet I've always felt that I was right on track with my life. I've had multiple careers which have enabled me to strengthen my connections and understanding of human behavior; two of those included being a Massage Therapist as well as a Speech and Language Pathologist. I have had an opportunity to change careers later in my life so that I may now look at a person through a lens to capture their essence and their true spirit.

I have also been afforded a life changing experience this past September 2014 to sail from San Francisco to The Channel Islands. This was a three week sailing excursion in which my camera became damaged and no longer worked within the first week. During those three weeks I began to see differently; the lights, shadows, shapes and colors, but most importantly I was able to see the courage that was within me. This Warrior Princess; as the Captain began to call me, was there all along. I simply needed to let her reveal herself and her strength which became me. I want to be able to capture the trueness of one's own spirit and then let them see the beauty that lies within themselves.