About Michael Kobler 

Michael is a Vienna based headshot & wedding photographer, serving Vienna in the east & federal states till the west end of beautiful Austria. Originating from a typical blue collar worker, Michael focused on his objective in work life and achieved a Master in European Economy and Business Management while working in the airline industry for more then 16 years. Having said that, Michael has seen many faces of work life and people & loves to work with them.

One day he discovered his passion for photography and is since then improving his work and photography style. On his photography path he was inspired by Peter Hurleys headshot photography, which he implemented into his business to ensure a decent business headshot for all companies, from blue chips to small and medium enterprises. Having a good business headshot for your company differentiates you from your competitors and supports your company's brand. Michael worked as a headshot photographer for various companies such as Swiss Ltd., TaiPan, Slopelift Vienna, ALLVER and others.

Ever thought about updating your business headshot? Is your XING or LinkedIn profile picture up to date (and be honest)?