I can't tell you how proud I am to have Maxim representing the Headshot Crew as our first Associate Photographer in Russia! This planet just keeps getting smaller and our connection and his dedication to headshot photography and the crew means the world to me. His talent behind the camera catapulted him right into Associate status and he is spearheading a movement to raise awareness throughout Russia of the importance of having a quality headshot. Those fortunate enough to get in front of his camera are already well aware of this phenomenon and for those who haven't, what are you waiting for?
- Peter Hurley
About Maxim Fedorov 

Hi everybody.
My name is Maxim Fedorov. I am a headshot photographer living and working in Moscow, Russia.
For me headshotphotography is both psychology and photographic art where major role plays a team of the photographer and his model.
I am on the way to learn more about portrait and headshot art from the best headshotphotographers of the world submited on this site.