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About Klaus Manns 

I'm Klaus, a passionate photographer based in Montabaur, Germany, dedicated to taking impressive and natural pictures of people. I've learned and refined my technical skills as a photographer of stage performances, from numerous musicals, concerts and theatre plays.

In my headshots you will come across as friendly, approachable and confident, so you will gain more attention and reach, when connecting your message with these impressive and intense images of yourself.
With the help of my coaching on camera reaction and viewer impression you will get authentic and charismatic images even without any experience as a model or as an actor. By getting more and more confident and relaxed during the course of the session, your facial expressions and body language will naturally show your true personality in a relaxed and confident manner. Exactly these fleeting moments is what I will capture in the image. Of course, I will also make sure that your facial features always look advantageous. By paying attention to the finest nuances in facial expressions, while at the same time maintaining a relaxed and concentrated mood we will make sure, that the results will get beyond expectations.

In the end, you will be proud of your photos, even if you didn't feel any photogenic before. Feel free to get in touch to see how I can help you.