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My name is Luigi Crespo, and I am personal branding headshot and portrait photographer. I’ve been a professional photographer since 2011 and my passion is taking portraits, showcasing genuine human expression to brandish who you are. Whether you’re an solopreneur, an abstract painter, or a captain of industry, my objective is to bring out, and capture, your authentic image while helping you look competent, likable and influential. Simple, yet powerful headshots that make you look like a winner is what I do.

I am a member of the Headshot Crew, a global network of accredited headshot photographers around the world. I also own Capitol Bombshell, a photography studio for women. Both of my studios are located in Urbana/Frederick, MD.

Personally, I am married to my sweetheart of 21 years, and together we are the proud parents of three teenage monkeys, and a rescued cat. Four years ago, I left a successful career as a USG event and protocol professional to follow my photographic dreams full-time. I now take pride in my status as a bow-tie, flan, and rum-ball aficionado.

Book your headshot session today, and let me “redefine” your best side!