Lisa Marie Pane - Headshot Photographer | Headshot Crew
About Lisa Marie Pane 

I am a career journalist who got my start in my native New England _ from smalltown local newspapers to large metros and eventually a global news organization. With my reporting and writing, I've always strived to tell the human stories with honesty, integrity and emotion. The same holds true with my photography.

My primary goals remain unchanged, no matter the assignment: to be true to the people featured in my photography, to tell their stories visually. I look for flattering light, lines and poses. I seek to put clients at ease so their natural personalities shine through.

Part of the thrill of portrait photography is getting to know new and different people. Listening is just as important _ if not more so _ than talking. Through that process, I learn more about who they are. What's important to them? What path have they been on that led them here?

I especially love photographing people who are a bit unconventional, people with personality: artists, musicians etc.

I'm currently based in Boise, Idaho. You may view some of my work at