About Lisa Marie Pane 

Lisa is a headshot, personal branding and portrait photographer based in Boise, Idaho. I'm the person behind L.M. Pane Photography and Treasure Valley Portraits.

She specializes in coaching clients on professional, captivating, killer expressions. Her primary goal is to make you look good and feel stoked after each session.

Her sessions are designed to be a bit chill sprinkled with a smidge of levity and laughter meant to relax even the most nervous clients. It’s all designed to get down to the business of producing headshots and portraits that exude the powerful combination of confidence and approachability.

When she's not behind a camera, you’re likely to find her out running or biking along the Boise Greenbelt, hiking in the Foothills or Sawtooth Mountains, or skiing at Bogus Basin. She's also a java junkie and can be bribed with a Human Bean chocolate-covered coffee bean.

Lisa is a retired journalist who spent her career with The Associated Press and other news outlets throughout the United States.

You may view my work at www.lmpanephotography.com and www.treasurevalleyportraits.com