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Bringing a brand to life brings joy to me, because companies are run by people, and people we trust. Since we never know who is going to drop by our website, social media, or other outlet, it is imperative that the message we send to our clients creates the best first impression we can. I love working with and getting to know people. Most every day people are not accustomed to being photographed, and there is a unique excitement in the reveal of an image that I create of themselves. Showing someone an image that they never could have imagined would be taken of them is the most rewarding experience.

Coming from a background in couple portraiture, I am bringing a unique and engaging experience to the corporate world. Under the mentorship of renowned headshot photographer Peter Hurley, I am happy to share that I am always growing and looking for opportunities to learn. This in itself has brought me to better places both and a photographer and as a person.

If you would like to schedule your first session, call us at 845-418-2527.
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We create a photography experience that is unique to every individual and corporation, so email us to taste the sweetness of our passion.

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