There are only a select few that operate in the NY Headshot Crew Headquarters and this guy is one of them. Teaming up with him was an honor and I couldn't be happier to have his help mentoring this crew.
- Peter Hurley
About Kent Meister 

Born and raised in Tulsa, OK, I started out as an actor, studying at the University of Tulsa. Eventually I made the move from my native Oklahoma to New York City, where my wife and I still reside. Over the past decade I’ve acted in film, television and theater and started the production company Charred Oak Films. It’s through all of these endeavors that I found photography. It’s been the driving force in my life ever since.
My fervor for making pictures comes from the same part of me that loves working in film and theater.
I love a good story and I love when it’s told well.
Let’s get started telling your story together.