About Karen L Richard 

I'm Karen Richard, a British photographer now living in the Nashville area. I specialize in headshots - they make up over 80% of my business so I get plenty of practice! My clients often start out by telling me they aren't photogenic and being in front of a camera is right up there with a visit to the dentist! My job is to prove them wrong and ensure they get that killer headshot that will "stop the scroll" and help to land them that new client or dream job.

I run a boutique business, focusing on the whole experience not just on the end result. My aim is to make the whole process fun so that I can capture authentic expressions and genuine smiles. I rarely work with more than one or two people in my studio each day so I can take whatever time is needed to make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable, and to provide all the coaching and direction needed to capture you at your best.

You can contact me at at karen@karenlrichardphotographer.com and check out more of my work at http://www.karenlrichardphotography.com/