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I'm Karen Richard, and I'm a British photographer now living in the Nashville area. I have over 40 years photography experience, but to my mind more importantly I've been blessed to enjoy a successful 20 year corporate career in senior client facing roles, so I understand the importance of relationships.

I specialize in headshots - they make up over 80% of my business so I get plenty of practice! My clients often start out by telling me they aren't photogenic and being in front of a camera is right up there with a visit to the dentist! My job is to prove them wrong and ensure they get that killer headshot that will "stop the scroll" and help to land them that new client or dream job. As well as providing lots of coaching and direction to make sure we capture your best angles, my aim is to deliver a fun experience - after all, nothing beats a natural smile and the best way to guarantee one is to make sure you have a good time!