About Jared Gollnitz 

Hello and thank you for visiting my Headshot Crew profile! My name is Jared and I am a husband and a father of five beautiful children. I started soaking up all available information out there for photography online, like a sponge. It amazes me how much freely available information there is online for anyone who has an interest - at any level - in photography.

As I was looking for new information, I found a few different videos online featuring Peter Hurley and it was at this point that I was convinced that my interest in photography needed a focus of its own, in headshot photography.

Other interests of mine include web technologies and Thoroughbred horse breeding. These interests led me to a business that runs a web service catering to regional commercial Thoroughbred auctions. As the web service is driven by photos and videos of horses being offered for sale, I was repeatedly being asked if I could do the photography for the horses being sold. This led me to getting my first Nikon camera, and my passion for photography has grown exponentially since then!