About Jameel Morrison 

Does your photograph fit? Does it spark interest or make people want to contact you to find out more? Does it look like you? Do you still fit those clothes? Does it say what you want said before you open your mouth to speak?

I create imagery to help people connect with the audiences they want to serve.

Having your portrait made is too often the antithesis of fun or easy. Sometimes people even go so far as to ask you to name dairy products. (Say cheese!)

This experience won't be like that.

My collaborative approach frees us to create what are likely to be the finest headshots you've ever had.

Together we will produce photos that present you as competent, confident, and approachable. You might even enjoy yourself.

Whether you’re an actor, author, acrobat, baker, business manager, builder, clergy person, creative, chiropractor, dentist, demolitionist, dog walker, educator, entrepreneur, executive, fashion designer, or just getting to the point where you’re saying “I need (or should get) a headshot,” I’m here to help you make it happen, and knock it out the park.

Message me for more information or to set up a shoot for you or your team.