About Inga Ornelas 

I love being a photographer. I've been doing it for almost 20 years, and in every capacity you can think of. I like taking a photo, and showing off something extraordinary that perhaps wasn't apparent at the moment it was taken.

One of my favorite aspects of headshot photography is working with a person, one-on-one, and helping them see past their individual insecurities, and to find that extraordinary something in their own portrait. My goal is to capture the perfect shot that makes them smile even more when they see it.

Aside from photography, I just enjoy an easy-going life with my family in Los Angeles - walking the dogs, biking, swimming, and camping. I grew up in Alberta, Canada, where summers were fleeting, and hockey season seemed never ending. So now I try to not take for granted the year-round season of sunshine that we are blessed with in SoCal (although, admittedly I do miss a proper Autumn).

Contact me anytime hello@ingaornelas.com