About Ian Johns 

As a Boston-area headshot photographer and proud member of Peter Hurley's exclusive Associate Photographer group, I specialize in capturing genuine expressions in your headshots that are uniquely you, so that first impressions make lasting ones. Become engaging to your key audience.

Ian Johns Photography is your stop in the Greater Boston area for professional headshots. My packages are designed to cover all of your bases, whether you need one headshot for LinkedIn and your branding, or additional images for a variety of needs (business, personal, hobby).

My studio is in nearby Braintree, but I have had clients from nearly every town surrounding Boston.

For more information and to book a session, please check out my website at: https://www.ianjohns.com.

Here's a bit more about me personally:

My path to becoming a headshot photographer is a long and winding one, but each stop along the way has paved the way to a career that is rewarding and fun. Giving clients the best headshots they’ve ever taken has become my daily passion.

Born and raised in Fremont, Ohio, my life’s travels have taken me to Michigan, North Carolina, and New York City before settling in Massachusetts with my wife and two children. I’ve done a bit of everything professionally, most recently working in the Commissioner’s Office for Major League Baseball in Manhattan. Before that, and at the risk of losing the attention of most Bostonians reading this, I spent a year working in public relations for the New York Yankees.

Still with me? The first time I picked up a camera, it was my ever-reliable Fisher-Price Kodak 110 when I was six years old. I was too young to understand this at the time, but over the years I realized that my passion for this craft comes from the appreciation that photography gives each of us a unique voice in how we see the world. Not every image will spark an emotion, but what keeps me going is the tireless effort to make my next shot the best one yet. I keep saying that about my golf game, too.