I founded the first iteration of Headshot Crew in 2007 out of my New York studio in order to foster the development and success of portrait photographers looking to add a headshot specialty to their work. Today, I'm so proud of the work being done by these incredible headshot specialists and collectively we have raised the bar of the standards for headshot photography globally. We are now over 17,000 strong and counting! Lovin this crew PEOPLE! #SHABANG!
- Peter Hurley
About Peter Hurley 

I'm the skipper of this crew and have been sailing my entire life. I'm a proud member of the 2000 United States Sailing Team which I accomplished while training for the Sydney Olympic Games. After the Olympic trials were over I bought my first professional camera and fired up a headshot photography business shortly thereafter in New York City. My goal at that time was to be the best headshot photographer in New York, over the years I've won Backstage Magazine's best headshot photographer in New York numerous times and been called "The Headshot King" by Popular Photography Magazine. Like the saying goes, "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere" and I've been fortunate enough to be considered the leader in this field. My book "The Headshot" made me an author and is considered the definitive guide on Headshot Photography. My work has taken me all over the planet and I've spoken for Apple, Microsoft, Google, Adobe, GoDaddy and TEDx. This community is my brainchild and I'm doing my very best to bolster the craft of headshot photography worldwide through this crew of talented headshot specialists. SHABANG!