About Gary Barragan 

Gary Barragan is Louisville’s trusted professional headshot and portrait photographer specializing in modern actor headshots, business headshots and headshots for LinkedIn. His artistic eye was honed in the beauty and fashion industry which can be easily seen in both his creative and professional work. With an editorial infused style and laid-back demeanor, Gary has earned a reputable name among his clients which range from fashion and film circles to doctors and executives. His signature style is also regarded as the best for Kentucky headshots and is a preferred photographer for multiple talent agencies and companies across the region. Through his love for the art of image making, he has cemented a pathway tell countless stories and create continued success for his clients over the years.

Gary also has the honor of being an Associate Photographer for world class headshot educator Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew. His distinguished position as an Associate and Coach for Peter’s Headshot Crew is one that many strive for but only a select few across the globe have achieved. His full body of work can been at www.garybarragan.com