About Garrett Mynatt 

Photography is my first passion, finding it initially in high school I later got a BFA in photography, specifically focusing on medium, large format film and portraiture. Right out of college I was shooting high volume commercial studio work and eventually decided that it was time to pursue another passion, fine art and galleries. I went back to get my Master's in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Arts Advocacy and the Public, both of my degrees from CSU, go Rams!

After receiving my degrees I joined the for profit world exploring jobs in marketing and sales, I was able to work for startups with 3 employees all the way up to nationwide companies but I always fell back to photography.

Eventually I realized, through some encouragement from my wife, that the time to jump out of the corporate world and into photography full time is now. I use my experience and technical approach to create a full headshot experience that builds confidence in front of the camera. This cooperative approach to headshots leaves you feeling confident and ready to make your best first impression.

To see more check out my website at www.garrettmynatt.com