Elaine Zelker - Easton, PA Headshot and Portrait Photographer | Peter Hurley's Headshot Crew
I can't get enough of Elaine! She is just a little bundle of energy and always brings that positive vibe to our Crew. She's proven to be a image maker that creates meaningful work whether it be while taking headshots or working on her personal projects like her book "The Hand-Some Journey." You can see her caring nature infused into her work and I love that she's allowed some of that to rub off on us as she encourages and supports other HSC members. This gift has lifted her to Mentor status here and it couldn't be more deserving. Thanks Elaine!
- Peter Hurley
About Elaine Zelker 

Head Shot Photographer | Wedding Photographer | Commercial | DP

Peter Hurley Mentor | Easton, PA (Serving the Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley)

There’s nothing better than wrapping up a shoot, high-fiving your satisfied client and knowing you just gave it your all. Obviously, I love shooting, but there are more important things to know. I love being where I am right now. It didn't start out that way. I kind of took the long road to photography. I grew up in South Jersey in the 80’s, had very big hair, was a tomboy, played kick-the-can, freeze tag, and rode my bike all day long. I’m a Rutgers Scarlet Knight and have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Business, and a Nursing Degree under my belt. I wanted to be a photographer, but girls back then "just didn't do that"...or so I thought.

A big shift came into my life when I lost both of my parents. It was time to pick up that camera again and switch my life up a bit.

By the grace of God; and with the support of my new husband, (an amazing artist, film maker, creative-man named Zeke), I said goodbye to being an employee and hello to Elaine Zelker Photography and never looked back.

I am now a photographer that used to be a nurse. I am home.

I've now been running my own business for almost 5 years, have been published in FIRST for Women Magazine, Lehigh Valley STYLE Magazine, Wine & Spirits Magazine, ORMCO Dental and have been director of photography on numerous film projects and commercials including: Fiat, Jeep, and other local commercial work. I am currently working with my husband on his feature film.

My first book was just published, "The Hand - Some Journey: Portraits of Elders Reflecting on their Life Journeys." It showcases the elderly holding the one object that represents their life journey. Never showing their faces, just their magnificent hands. And for some, their last photograph.

I strive to balance everything I do, which means I take pride in maintaining that balance by respecting and appreciating all of my amazing clients, my friends and most importantly, my family. I love the simple things in life like popcorn, converse sneakers, Netflix, my 2 dogs, going to church, reading, my tattoo, playing bingo, and making people laugh.

My three amazing daughters also define who I am today and I often think of Maya Angelou’s quote, “I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass."


email: elaine@elainezelkerphotography.com