About Egis Jurgaitis 

Before all the lights and cameras I was a young Lithuanian boy with a lot of creativity and energy. So much energy in fact it got me moving and grooving as I learned how to dance. Music was like therapy for my soul. I knew I wanted to get more into music besides dance so I also started playing the guitar (at this point I thought I was a rockstar). But out of all the skills and talents I had, as a kid, there was ONE talent I had yet to discover. I always looked up to my father, as he was my role model. I remember my dad would carry his camera with him everywhere he went. Slowly but surely he started teaching me the basics of photography. My father was so passionate about it I think that’s where I got it too. As I got older my photography transitioned from landscape to fashion. In 2010 I opened a beauty salon and ever since then I expanded my knowledge working with models and ordinary customers. Even though my skills were great I always looked up to photographers like Peter Hurley and that’s the reason I took headshot photography courses along with some business classes. Education shaped my skills of modern-day headshot and portrait photography. My passion for photography started this journey and now I want you to be a part of it.

See you on your next photoshoot!