About David Geffin 

I specialize in photographing people - candid portraits, fashion and head shots are what I focus on, capturing natural emotion. You can see more of my work at my website: www.davidgeffin.com. I also photograph street photography using a film 35mm Leica camera on the streets of New York City which is an ongoing personal project.


Client Testimonials:

"I had a fabulous experience doing my first headshot session with David. He was patient and made the process painless and fun. Best of all was all the compliments I received from the shots!"
Lila Han

"I am really not photogenic at all, David is a genius, best photo I’ve ever had in my life!" - Marianna Farber

"After two failed attempts at a great corporate headshot, I'm so glad I made the decision to book a session with Dave. He is a gifted photographer and artist, and has a wonderful way of putting people at ease. And I now am presented with the best possible problem - which one to choose? Thanks, Dave." - Felicia Wong

"I have worked with several photographers, from amateur to celebrity, over the last 10 years. David's Power Hour session was by far THE BEST head shot session I have ever experienced. My session with David was more like spending time with a close friend for the afternoon. The most exciting and fulfilling aspect of working with David is the fact that he is so collaborative and easy going. He is also knowledgeable about the demands of the industry and he strives to produce exactly what is needed from head shots. He allowed me to take risks and explore, while offering me technical direction and advice after every round. Together, we produced SO MANY photographs that I can submit to a diverse number of projects. I got so much more that I could have imagined and at a fair price too! Thanks to David for an AWESOME day, and the best head shots I could have hoped for!" - Katie Stults

"David, is a great photographer, he made me feel instantly comfortable and humored me by answering all my weird headshot novice questions. I also felt that through playing around with different looks I actually began considering different, more serious roles for myself and I never would have thought of without these headshots. I would happily recommend David to anyone looking for beautiful and thoughtfully done headshots." - Amanda Henning

"As someone who had no background or experience in having head shots done, I am extremely fortunate to have picked David Geffin for my experience. He was not only professional but extremely welcoming and helpful in the process. From the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out it felt like I was being fully supported and helped to receive the results I was looking for. I was so comfortable in my session that it felt like no time had passed and we had already finished. I am extremely happy with my results. These photos captured who I am and what I do. I highly recommend David to anyone looking for quality work at an affordable price." - Sean Purham

"A photograph is worth a thousands words, but you only need two to describe working with David; total professional. During the shoot, he was able to make me feel comfortable posing on a busy NYC street and in a crowded park, while taking beautiful and lively photographs. He is excellent at managing is time; I don't think David wasted a moment during our shoot. I would happily work with David again." - Deidrea Miller

"Had such a wonderful experience getting to work with David! He really knows what he's doing. I'm very pleased with the results and would recommend anyone to get their pictures taken with him!" - Beatriz Naranjo

"I’ve had many photo shoots in the past, but David’s attention to detail sets him apart. It’s a given that he has the technical side down to a science, but it is his creative eye that makes him so sought after." - Dumitru Toderic

"I was looking for my head shots to be taken, but I never thought it would be such a joyful experience. Dave is a professional, full of life and passion, and good in communicating with others, either through his personality or through his camera. it is so incredible how he sees the world and how he captures these moments, I am completely thrilled with the results." - Dr. Bibi Aljami


David is a photographer, videographer, video editor and writer for Fstoppers.com and Resource Magazine, based in New York since 2012, originally from London, England. His motion and editing experience has led to work with a range of international clients. David recently toured Europe and Australia with Vincent Laforet’s aerial project “AIR”, where David shot commercial video content for G Technology, Canon USA and Canon Australia. As well as providing commercial video content, he works closely with a number of New York-based photo and video industry leaders and educators, including Peter Hurley, Emily Soto, Lindsay Adler, Erik Valind and Vincent Laforet.

David’s focus for personal work is the intersection between candid street and fashion photography. For the last three years he has gone behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week to document the energy, chaos and magic of the preparation leading up to the shows themselves.

Portfolio: www.davidgeffin.com
Social: www.instagram.com/davegeffin