About Michael Darius 

As resident photographer @SFJAZZ and having been featured as a designer in Rolling Stone, Forbes, Fortune, among numerous other publications for my design work on iTunes.

As former principal app designer for Bloomingdales & Macy’s, I worked with their photography studios and team in NYC. My presence in the world of fashion and fashion photography only continues to expand.

Standard session fees are $450 per session but if there are multiple events/sessions you are throwing my way, (upwards of 2 sessions per month) or your venue is interested in bringing me in as resident photographer, I'll slash my regular rate in half.

We'll capture between 500-1000 shots per session, then narrow it down to the best 50-100 shots.

Products are purchased separately.
Makeup artist available upon request.

Website: https://photography.xn--5q9h.fm/
My digital business card: http://socials.darius.life
More about Michael: https://darius.design