I get a slew of photographers bursting onto the Headshot Crew scene with amazing work, but when someone stands out of the crowd from the get go it's impressive. The work Balazs had been producing hit it out of the park and I immediately knew that I had to have him as the first HSC Associate representing Hungary. I hope Budapest is ready for some serious SHABANG'in cause Balazs is dialed in and pumping out incredible shots for everyone who steps foot in front of his lens.
- Peter Hurley
About Balazs Toth 

I studied economics in the best University of Budapest, and started working in the finance sector. After 5 years, I realized that filling out Excel sheets for 8 hours every day is not what I want to do with my life. So I quit my job to pursue my true passion: photography.
I like to try myself out in different types of photography, like fashion and beauty, but what I really love is taking everyday people's portraits.
See my website for more info: www.tb-photo.hu
Contact: info@tb-photo.hu