About Scott Parker 

Imagine the moment you realize that someone, for some reason, makes a positive impression. A good photo can make you that person.


I always found myself zooming in for the closeup. It's like having a conversation. Two people rarely talk to each other from across the room. They usually get close enough to see each others' face, with a comfortable distance to gesture and move as the conversation evolves. I see headshots and portraits as an evolving conversation between the two of us.

I first picked up a camera at summer camp, where we had access to manual 35mm film cameras and a black and white dark room inside a converted chicken coop. My love for art branched out in all directions in high school. And, the graphic arts studio had a dark room for black and white photography. I graduated with an MFA in Painting in 2005. A short time later, I earned a position at a University outside New York City, where I wrote an instruction book about the photogravure printing process.

Between my undergraduate and graduate years at college I trained for whitewater slalom Olympic Team Trials in 2000 & 2004, and helped design some kayaks. During that time, I recognized the accelerating need for photography as my equipment sponsors started to shift their marketing efforts from traditional print to the early versions of social media. Fortunately, for them, I was willing to carry my camera on to the water with me.

Between headshots, fashion editorials, and teaching, I still have a consulting role in whitewater kayak design and meet my friends on the river almost every weekend.