About Charlie Harbin 

Charles Harbin is the owner and operator of Stop the Clock Photo. Charlie is a resident of historic Daphne, which he calls home. This quaint southern town with its historic charm is a great source of inspiration to the photographer. Sporting many historic buildings exceeding 100 years in age, he finds a wealth of photographic opportunities. Charlie also travels the United States of America and Europe exploring landscapes and architectural treasures to capture his moments in time.
He attended the University of Alabama, Huntsville campus and is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography. He has lived all over the southeastern USA before settling with his wife Lynne in Daphne.
Charlie has a long history in photography. He purchased his first 35mm film camera at eleven years old and was processing film and prints in his darkroom by the age of thirteen. His passion is long lived. He continues to evolve with the changes in technology and is a sponge for new techniques.
Harbin is an internationally published photographer and member of the Professional Photographers of America. He is a contributing member of the High Museum.
The studio is involved in portraits in-house and on-location, corporate and commercial advertising and product and architectural photography. Harbin also does photojournalism. He has had his work published in text books by MacMillan Publishing, the National Disability Association of Ireland, Q2 Media and a book cover for the University of Virginia Press. He also covers corporate events and national conferences.
He has a special talent doing photo restorations. Customers give him high marks for the results on their saved family photo treasures.
Charles J Harbin Jr
Stop the Clock Photo
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