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Portland, Oregon
Corporate, business, personal, school, LinkedIn and other social media, professional headshots.

Executive Lens provides professional portraits for Portland's professionals.

Studio - Headshots and portraits captured in a comfortable, commercial, creative studio in a convenient, professional business building near downtown Portland. Originally remodeled for pilates, the studio has its own unique shooting space with bamboo flooring, makeup station, dressing area and private restroom. It also has its own break area if you care for a coffee, tea or water. The studio will typically have two shooting bays available to maximize the efficiency of getting different types of lighting. At least one shooting bay will be fully equipped with multiple Westcott Cineflex Kit panels for the best quality of lighting for a commercial headshot.

Training - Photography by Platinum Headshot Crew member, DJ Bornemeier whose training includes two Headshot Intensives (L.A. and Denver), plus an Intensified (L.A.), and the 2022 Headshot Hideaway (Tennessee) with master of headshot photography, Peter Hurley (New York). In additon to ongoing instruction from Peter Hurley and his master headshot mentors, as well as ongoing access to a 24/7 online forum hangout of worldwide headshot photographers, DJ has also studied under Scott Kelby, Sue Bryce, Lindsay Adler, Vanessa Joy, Gary Hughes, Chris Orwig and, soon, master portraitist Ivan Weiss (London), to bring you the best possible image of yourself.

Smiles optional - Maybe you enjoy being in front of the camera, or maybe you'd much rather be anywhere else. Regardless I guarantee you'll enjoy the experience and the results whether you prefer to smile ear to ear, or go more for a "blank on purpose" type of look. Either way, for those interested, I offer coaching through the shoot to achieve the best possible look to convey both confidence and approachability.

Value focussed - Price is $150 to book a studio session (for up to two hours in the studio) plus $130 for each photo chosen. Basic retouch is available at no additional fee. Money back, including the session fee, if you don't want to order any of the images. Basically zero risk to you. In reality, however, given that the images will likely be the best headshots you've ever seen of yourself, and you will want to order one or more of the images. But that's totally up to you. Neither of us want you to be dissatisfied or have regrets about your purchase. Prices are subject to change of course so don't delay in booking once you've made your decision.

What to expect -
1) Check out the above portfolio of sample images, then Google and check out the other studios to find your best choice.
2) Book a session. Simply click "Contact DJ" on the left margin of this page to begin the process.
3) Come in at your scheduled time for photography at the studio with as many looks and outfits as you like within the available time.
4) The end of the session includes reviewing all of the photos and selecting photos.
5) Selected photos are retouched and the digital, hi-resolution jpeg images are sent to you.