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About Robert de Wit 

I got my first camera (a kodak 110) in 1976, and my first real camera (a new-to-me konica T) in 1982. Then life happened - school, the Navy, more school, the Persian Gulf War, work, yet more school, hi-tech start-ups, private consulting practice. It was shortly after our first child in 2000 that I picked up the camera again and reconnected with what I missed. I've been shooting professionally now since 2012.

Why is this important?

I've been there. To get a compelling headshot, there must first be a connection between the photographer and the model (that would be you). From this connection we build trust. Within this space of trust we get fearlessness and authenticity - a true expression of self that we capture in an image. I've spent a lifetime connecting with people in real life, real-time.

Technical excellence. With two engineering degrees, I've got the technical chops to deliver your story the way you want it told. And quickly too. Get the lighting right and the need to retouch disappears, so you get your results fast (usually within a day). As a business leader, I know the importance of immediate delivery.

Continuous improvement. I am a lifelong learner. I am driven to improve my craft and explore new ways to tell compelling stories. I am also supported by this awesome group of headshot photographers. Working together, there is no problem we can't solve.

Photography may have started as a passion, but it is now my work. Visit my site at

Better yet, just give me a call 613.299.4070.