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About Gary Cumberbatch 

"A will to photograph people, planet and place in a way that invokes an emotive response!"

My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic gifted me by my parents when I was about 10 years old. It had a ratchet wheel that turned the film over and provided endless gratification. I was captivated by the fun and art of photography from that moment and I’ve been practising ever since.

I’m inspired by the work of Ming Thein, Joe McNally, Karl Taylor, Ross Harvey, Ryan Brenizer, Rosie Hastie (fellow Tasmanian) and Ian Weldon (a standout in the wedding genre from for mine). I also love the work of head-shot specialists Dylan Patrick & Peter Hurley in particular along with the unique ability of commercial photographer, Joel Grimes.

All of these photographers offer a distinctive perspective in their own right and are masters of their craft. They each have an individual style I admire. They are 'artists' who push the envelope through the pursuit of excellence that inspires me to keep doing what I love. But it goes without saying that as part of the Headshot Crew, Peter Hurley has had a significant impact on my photography and pursuit of excellence within the headshot genre.

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