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About Terry Wolfe 

My passion is taking photographs and immortalizing memories. I make it my primary mission every time I am working with a client to ensure that they are at ease and have an enjoyable experience. For me, photography is about more than snapping a photo of someone. I enjoy getting to know my clients and forming a bond with them. I want to know the person I am photographing. Through this, I am able to capture a real glimpse of who they are.

I love having a camera in my hand and working with someone to create art. Every single person has something about them that makes them unique. I love photographing people and capturing their personality for everyone to see. My aim is for you to leave your session seeing yourself the way I do. There isn't a single person that I photograph that I don't think is special. We are all different and it is in that why I love being a headshot photographer. It lets me strip away all the distractions and things that make us the same, and take the image down to just the person that is right in front of me.