February 2018 PhD contest is now LIVE PEOPLE! Get a color non-selfie shot in here by midnight Eastern on 2/28! | Headshot Crew
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February 2018 PhD contest is now LIVE PEOPLE! Get a color non-selfie shot in here by midnight Eastern on 2/28!

The PhD is a go for February now PEOPLE! All images must be submitted below by midnight Eastern time on 2/28. Winners will be announced on one of our CrewCasts in the beginning of March.

The winner of the PhD in photography contest each month gets to spend 2 days of their choice hangin & shabang'in with me in the NY studio or any other venue where I'll be for a few days. The plan is to hang with me to get a taste of the Peter Hurley philosophy to portraiture and afterwards you'll earn your PhD(Peter Hurley Degree) in photography! Including a badge of honor on Headshot Crew by being labeled as a PhD if you aren't already an Associate.

Winners also receive a free year on Headshot Crew($200 value) and my Fstoppers tutorial set($600 value) as well as personalized signed copy of my book "The Headshot!"(Priceless) They will also get in front of my camera and get their headshot taken by yours truly.(again Priceless!)

Enter below by submitting the best headshot you've ever taken and your chance at a killer time Shabang'in with me! One winner will be chosen by me each month and one other random prize winner will be chosen using our randomizer and they will get their choice of either The Art Behind The Headshot tutorial or Illuminating The face, so don't look at the competition and shy away from this. The critique of all the work submitted during our CrewCast is a valuable learning experience for the entire group and by the end you have a shot at winning something.

In order to be considered you must be a member of the Headshot Crew Protégé coaching group, so get your butt in here and submit a killer shot for this sucker. Here's the link to register: https://headshotcrew.com/user/register

Only 1 submission per person per month. Enter every month with a new submission of your choice. Once an image has been submitted it can't be used in a subsequent month. All images must be submitted in color and can not be a selfie.


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Kyle - Actress

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Only my second time shooting headshots. First time, I had some shadow. So I tried a different approach.

I shoot portraits, but after watching PH in action, I naturally wanted to expand my arsenal to headshots too! Now, I can't afford the PH Lighting yet, so I used what I had in studio- one Generay Constant LED to camera left at a 45 degree angle to her, slightly above, feathered towards the camera. White board to camera right. Off camera Canon 430 flash slightly above eye level - camera left- bouncing off white board. Reflector underneath to add fill light.

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Christina - Accountant
First time submitting...natural lighting.

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Bill - Business shot

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Sabina Kelley - International Pinup Model and Star of the TV Show Best Ink.