Headshot Crew Mentoring Sessions

Private one-on-one 1/2-hour virtual mentoring sessions from our elite group of Headshot Crew mentors.

For years I’ve been coaching up a storm on this sucker and right behind me have been a number of Headshot Crew associate photographers that have gone above and beyond their call of duty.

The caliber of people that are part of this group is a testament to the climate we’ve created here. The site wouldn’t be where it is without those that give back. These associates are known as mentors here on Headshot Crew, and I’m grateful for the work they do.

We are offering all our members the opportunity to work with these mentors one-on-one during a 1/2-hour virtual mentoring session. These sessions are a half hour long and you will work with your chosen mentor to schedule your time with them and choose the platform you guys prefer to use for the session. 

You’ve got a stacked team to choose from and they’ve all be given one directive: Give 100% of your brainpower to improve the work of any individual you come in contact with to become a better photographer.