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About Larry Kirkley 

Having spend 36 years serving the public in varios ways, it's my time to shine.  I've always wanted a creative outlet and having recently discovered photography,  I know now that I've found that endeavor. 
I've been learning photography for 6 months and having a ball in my retirement years.  I think I've purchased or reviewed almost every major tutorial on the web but once I found Peter I was hooked.
Having lots of friends and associates in Hollywood trying to make their way through this filmaking jungle, I've discovered one thing that I can do to help.  Headshots are their only calling cards, and having reviewed so many of what they have been submitting, I understand some of the difficulties they're encountered.
For an actor the ability to engage a competent headshot photographer is difficult, financially.  But this is truly a chicken and egg situation.  Without decent headshots, there will be no funds to spend.  Without funds to spend, there is less of a chance that there will be captivating headshots.
My hope is to bridge this gap.  For my friends and for all those out there having difficulty getting in the door.