About Katie Rosebraugh 

HI! I’m Katie Rosebraugh, a photographer living in Dallas, TX. I enjoy taking photos of local bloggers and entrepreneurs in action and providing them with interesting images to populate their websites and blogs.

Before switching to full-time photography, I provided branding and web design services for bloggers and entrepreneurs across the country. I discovered that many of my clients were in need of quality professional images that reflected their unique personal brand. So I stepped up to offer that service for my clients who were local.

I’ve been taking photos since the early ’80’s. I learned photography in college during the days of film. Now that digital is here I would never go back.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I did the corporate grind for most of my career. Then, in 2011 a trip to CalArts for a parents weekend event changed my career trajectory. The trip rekindled my love for creative work and I decided to enroll in design school.

I studied Graphic Design, Web Design and Design Business at Sessions.edu. In 2012 I busted out of the 9-5 and began my design shop offering branding, web design and photography services.

In 2017 I finally had to face it; photography was what I enjoyed most. So I switched my business focus to full-time photography services.

In addition to one daughter and a grand-dog named Stellaluna, I have 3 rescued Yorkies named Yogi, Summer, and Beaux.