John's commitment to his craft and incredible drive is inspiring. I had no doubt from the moment we met that he would be an incredible addition to the PH2PRO team and I'm so glad to have him cover the Seattle market. He's continually taking professionals to another level with their marketing images and I'm always looking forward to seeing the new work he creates!
- Peter Hurley
About John Galfano 

I'm fortunate to be born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I spent most of my youth around the Green Lake area in North Seattle. I currently reside in Southern California and routinely travel to maintain business in both the Seattle and San Diego markets.
I'm known for my head shot work and my unique (mostly humorous) ability to pull expressions out of people that convey a certain look of confidence. You know it when you see it. I mainly work with business professionals and actors, but head shots are important for everyone these days. We're such a connected society and many times the first interaction we have with people is on-line. If you only get one chance to make a first impression, your on-line profile picture is that first impression. What does your current head shot say about you?