Hard work pays off PEOPLE! Met this character years ago on a crazy job in my studio and we've been buds ever since. His persistence paid off and I love the shots he's churning out as his work continues to evolve.
- Peter Hurley
About John DeMato 

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by! I am a New York City-based portrait photographer who loves nothing more than picking up my camera and capturing magic!

My passion for photography began while attending Graduate School for Television Production in 2004. I enrolled in a 35mm black and white, darkroom photography course, and, once the semester ended, I was blown away at how amazing and gratifying the process of image creation was for me. I’ve barely put my camera down since.

I love photographing people, whether staged, or in subtle, candid moments. The process of capturing the essence of one’s personality through a laugh, smirk, tensing of the eyebrows, tilt of the head, squint in the eye or a deep, pensive stare, is extremely rewarding on many levels. Not only does it get me pumped up, but it also satisfies my clients’ needs, as well. Whether I’m shooting an actor, model, artist, real estate agent, working professional or corporate client, the name of the game is always the same – place the needs of my client first, disarm their anxieties in front of the big, bad camera, nail a bunch of awesome shots that can be used for a variety of purposes, and have a ton of laughs throughout the process.

I thank you for stopping by, and, if you have any questions, be sure to email me and we can go from there!