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My true passion is Portrait & Headshot photography. For me humans are just fascinating! I like to hear their life stories, exploring their backgrounds, capturing their infinite number of expressions and most important of all, I love the diversity; everybody is different, physically and psychologically.

That is what makes me tick as a photographer: I like to capture authenticity, the true inner self of my fellow human beings. I want to explore with them who they are and bring the best out of them in front of my camera.

Peter Hurley pointed out to me that as photographers we have the innate ability to change someone's perception of themselves with one click of the shutter! Ooh boy, that is so much true and a total game changer for me.

For the last 25 years my job as business executive in the financial world was to motivate and bring the best out of my people in order to achieve sustainable bottom line results. That is only possible by being authentic yourself, by coaching and building thrust thru engagement & commitment.

As a Portrait & Headshot photographer I am doing exactly the same, coaching and building thrust. The moment my clients feel comfortable and at ease with me in my studio I am committed to capture their best authentic expressions.

Last but not least, I belief that photography is an art form, and that imagination, creativity with light and composition together with empathy are the main ingredients for making exceptional portrait & headshot photographs.