Confidence 360

Sep 1st 2021 to Sep 2nd 2021

Sep 1st 2021 to Sep 2nd 2021
Peter Hurley Photo Studio
134 W 26th Street
Suite 1203
New York, NY
United States
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CONFIDENCE 360 with Evy Poumpouras & Peter Hurley

Confidence 360

This in-person two-day self-mastery workshop is focused on amplifying your inner-most confidence. Whether you’re sharing ideas at your next business meeting, looking to enhance the way you convey yourself in social interactions or just wanting to feel more self-assured in your daily environment, this course will sharpen your personal awareness to present your most confident self. In a world where first impressions and self-impressions matter, learn to command your presence by enhancing your body language and verbal communication skills so you can own your existence both inside and out. This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to look and feel more powerful and recognized. Seats are limited to 11 participants as this course is designed to be an intimate interactive setting.   

The Confidence 360 course includes:

The Art and Science of Confidence: 

  • First Impressions Make Lasting Impressions: Using the knowledge of first impressions to boost your perceived value.
  • Your Body Language has a Voice: How nonverbal behavior conveys 66% of what you communicate to the world – learn to master it. 
  • Spend your Words Like Currency: Treating your words like precious commodities helps you spend them more wisely.
  • Putting your Best Face Forward: Two sides of the same coin - which side of your face is better?
  • Glambasting™: Why negative self-talk diminishes your potential.
  • Powering your Personal Brand:  The importance of portraying yourself as both warm and competent. 
  • The Mike Tyson Effect: How to recover when your confidence takes a hit.
  • External Dopamine Drivers: Using your external environment to supercharge your confidence.

Lights, Camera, Confidence!

  • Synergy: On the second day of the workshop, participants will put it all together as Peter guides them through the internal and external processes of capturing their most confident self through the lens of his camera. 
  • Takeaway: Each participant will leave with a professional headshot from Peter Hurley – a reminder of how amazing they can appear when exuding confidence. 

Requirements for the class:

  • Open to interacting with an intimate group of like-minded people. 
  • Willing to be photographed in front of others. 
  • Enthusiastic about upping your self-perception game.